Heaven Fresh HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier Review

Heaven Fresh HF 200

The Heaven Fresh HF 200 is a beneficial ioniser which is suitable for home use; enjoy a cleaner, fresher home with this product, which is also ideal for those suffering from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

The air purifier fills a room with negative ions; these magnetically attract floating particles such as dust, causing them to become too heavy to remain airborne. The Heaven Fresh HF 200 will not only act on the rooms in your home like an air freshener, causing the room to smell and feel cleaner, it will also benefit the health of its occupants.

Further information:

The Heaven Fresh HF 200 is an ideal air purifier as it collects pollutants and dust particles from the air. The ioniser has a positive, noticeable impact on health, especially for those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Whilst it can be used purely as an air freshener, the Heaven Fresh HF 200 purifies the air and offers other health benefits as the air becomes further saturated with oxygen.

The ioniser can be wall mounted or placed anywhere in a room, but for optimum coverage it’s suggested that the unit is ideally situated in an area where it can perform the most effectively. The Heaven Fresh HF 200 should not be placed too close to a television or similar equipment as this will reduce its effectiveness.

For those unfortunate enough to suffer from respiratory illness, the ioniser should be placed in the room where the individual spends most of their time. The settings for the air purifier can be adjusted at night as breathing patterns change during sleep, meaning that the ioniser can be used in the bedroom too.

General Benefits of an Air Purifier

The Heaven Fresh HF 200 represents an inexpensive solution to improving family home and health. Allergens such as pet hair, dust mites and other contaminants are removed from the air, making it more oxygenated. Ideal for families with children, especially new babies, those with smokers in the house or simply those who wish to breathe cleaner air, the ioniser will remove pollutants in the home and workplace.

The Heaven Fresh HF 200 has the added benefit of an aesthetic, compact and lightweight design; the ioniser runs effectively and very quietly and is an ideal air freshener and air purifier for today’s homes, with a realistic and affordable price tag.

Heaven Fresh HF 200 Specifications:

  • Voltage: 220-240 Volts/50-60 Hz

  • 6W power consumption

  • High density ioniser output: 60,000,000/cm³

  • No filters to replace – the ioniser has dust collector plates which are simple to clean and maintain

  • Coverage/area: 28 m² (300 ft²)

  • Dimensions: L: 30.5cm x W: 18.3cm x H: 9.7cm

  • Weight: 1.3 kg