Heaven Fresh HF60 Ionic Air Purifier Review

Heaven Fresh HF60 Ionic Air Purifier

The Heaven Fresh HF 60 Ionic Air Purifier for Car & Vehicle is designed to remove pollutants, dust and allergens within a vehicle, without the need for a fan or filter.

The ioniser is compact, lightweight and ideal for both long journeys and daily use; it’s especially useful for those with allergies, but the ioniser will benefit all passengers as it filters out all impurities in the air. Roads represent some of the most polluted environments you will come across, due to emissions; the Heaven Fresh HF60 will not only act as an air freshener, but the ioniser will get rid of contaminants on the move.

Further information:

The Heaven Fresh HF60 is perfect for those who want to experience the benefits of an air purifier at all times. Not only is the Heaven Fresh HF 60 ioniser ideal for anyone who suffers from respiratory illness, it can also help to keep drivers more alert as the air in the vehicle becomes more oxygenated.

The negative ions which the Heaven Fresh HF60 outputs magnetically attract airborne particles and removes them, resulting in cleaner, healthier air. The ioniser acts on positively-charged air content, most of which are harmful, and removes them from the environment so that drivers can enjoy a more relaxed and alert journey.

The Heaven Fresh HF60 features an adhesive strip which firmly attaches the ioniser to the dashboard of the car. This ensures that the unit is facing the inside of a vehicle and so provides maximum benefit. The air purifier can be manually cleaned (usually required once every two months or so, depending on usage), and doesn’t require the additional expense of filters.

The ioniser is only designed for use on DC 12V vehicles and is not suitable for use inside DC 24V means of transport. The Heaven Fresh HF60 is an effective device not only acting as an air purifier, but also as an air freshener and shouldn’t be used with windows open as this reduces its effectiveness. This is due to the way that negative ions work; they can only operate within a certain area dependent on the size of the ioniser.

Benefits of the Heaven Fresh HF60:

It’s not difficult to see how a car can be one of the most polluted areas many people encounter on a daily basis. Harmful pollutants can include smog, traffic emissions, cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, pet hair and even bacteria and mould. The air purifier completely eliminates these, leaving the car healthy and clean without the need for an air freshener, which only masks smells in vehicles, rather than removing them as the ioniser does.

Heaven Fresh HF60 Specifications:

  • Rated voltage = DC 12V

  • Power consumption = 2W

  • Ion output = MAX 100,000/cm3

  • No filters to replace

  • Active oxygen output <= 0.05ppm

  • Dimensions: 140*110*38(mm) or 5.6*4.5*1.5(inches)

  • Weight = 180g or 0.4lbs

  • Applicable area = small or large vehicle