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Samsung RF711 17.3-inch Laptop Review

Samsung RF711 17.3-inch Laptop

The Samsung RF711 is a nice laptop and the specifications sound like a great choice for the modern family with plenty to get done.  There are cheaper 17 inch laptops out there but this one is robust and has the kind of features that should cope with all types of demands - from children's homework or game playing through to family film time.

Robust, future-facing.

Samsung N145 Plus 10.1 inch Netbook Review

Samsung N145 Plus 10.1 inch Netbook

Samsung N145 Plus 10.1 inch Netbook

For those who like the simple things in life, there's a range of straight-forward and basic laptops out there.   A light-weight variety that you may find appealing is the Samsung N145 Plus.  This black and red laptop is a great option for families and students who just want a easy, cheap laptop to do bits of writing on, go on Facebook, laugh at Youtube and check their email.

Sweet and simple

Apple Macbook Pro 15 inch Laptop Review

Apple Macbook Pro 15 inch

The Apple Macbook Pro range has been with us now since 2006 and has gone through several rounds of improvements.  Things have changed quite a bit since the first version with the most recent in October 2011.

For this model, Apple have focused on upgrading the processor, graphics options and increasing the size possibilities for both the hard drive and screen.  As 15 inch laptops go, it's pretty swish and there's plenty on offer to fall in love with!