AVG Internet Security 2012 Review

AVG Internet Security 2012, 4 PC, 2 Year License

AVG Internet Security 2012, 4 PC, 2 Year License (PC) is the latest anti-virus software from AVG and is specifically designed to protect your computer on or offline. Once installed, you can look forward to using your PC or laptop in relative safety, as the new version of AVG protects everything from on-line usage to movies, photos and other personal information stored on your hard drive.



This version of Windows XP is the OEM version; this means that it can only be used by people who build PC systems, rather than those who buy them from a retail store complete. The OEM version of Windows XP Pro tends to be purchased by independent computer shops that build and repair systems or IT departments within (relatively) large organizations.

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Full Version (PC DVD), Review

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

Microsoft’s newest operating system offers the full entertainment package. Allowing you to explore your favourite pictures, movies, music and more from any computer in the house through the Home Network, it allows you total freedom in all your entertainment needs and wants. Through the use of Internet TV on Windows Media Centre, you can watch all your favourite shows for free when you like, where you like (addition hardware will be required – e.g. TV tuner).