BenQ G2222HDL 21 inch Monitor Review

BenQ G2222HDL 21 inch Monitor

BenQ’s G2222GHDL seems to be a popular offering.  With few negative reviews, a variety of websites singing its praises and a low price of around just £120, those in the market should definitely read on.  Gamers, graphic editors and the humble ‘normal’ user all seem pleased with its ability and, hopefully, you will too!

BenQ G2222HDL 21.5-inch Widescreen LED Back-Light Monitor (Full-HD, DVI-D, Glossy Black, 5ms, Vista Premium)


This wide-screen flat screen monitor weighs in at a reasonable 3.8kg, displays via LED-backlit LCDs, is high-definition (HD) with a category-standard resolution of 1920x1080p and comes equipped with the 100mm x 100mm VESA mounting option.

It has a response time of just 5ms, offers VGA and DVI-D connectivity and this is all encased in an attractive, moulded glossy black body.


When looking around at the online reviews for this piece, something was unusual and really stood out.  This particular BenQ monitor didn’t have (at the time of writing) any 1-star reviews on Amazon! 

When aggregating customer response to the BenQ G222HDL, you can see why.  Firstly, it’s relatively cheap without being tacky or ineffective.  Most people were happy with its performance, its colours and its brightness.

Secondly, the colour is good enough that you can perform basic graphic editing work on it.  This still isn’t at the level of the true professionals but if you are an enthusiastic amateur or your editing rig needs to be low-cost for the moment, the G2222HDL will do for now.

In the Overclockers gaming forums, they loved it!  It was understood to be good quality with a good display which makes it great for gaming but is also quite cheap.  This will be a hit with any gamer that wants to buy multiple monitors for their gaming experience, whether they need something for their console or to use as a PC monitor.

There aren’t any speakers built-in but you may well prefer this and rather use your own higher-quality system.

Unfortunately, the included stand cannot be height adjusted but it does swivel.  This was a problem for some users but you can make your own mind up on that issue!  Similarly, only a VGA cable is included.  VGA is passable but it is likely you will want to use the DVI option for a better picture.

On the plus side, virtually all users reported it being really easy and straight-forward to set up.   They also loved how little energy it used, with one user commenting that their electricity-use meter didn’t even seem to move when the BenQ was turned on!


All in all, the BenQ seems to be good value for money.  The contrast, brightness and colour are good enough for it to be sufficiently attractive and functional but it won’t break the bank.  Have a look now on Amazon and think about how the BenQ could fit into your life.