iPad 3 32GB (3rd Generation) Wifi Black Review

iPad 3 32GB (3rd Generation) Wifi Black

Writing an iPad review for the new version leaves you tempted to just write “iPad 3” in big letters and leave it at that.  You know what an iPad is and, guess what?  The eagerly-awaited update is out. 

But, never fear!  You'll get more detail than that from a Bluezoome review.  Specifications and user experiences are here to help you decide on your next tablet purchase.

Gloriously clear and simple

The latest iPad's main improvement is the screen quality.  The resolution is beautiful.  It has a 9.7”, colour LED screen with a 2048x1536 resolution (that's around 3.1 million pixels!). 

There's a dual-core A5X processor, quad-core graphics processor, up to 64GB internal storage available, iCloud storage possibilities and 512MB RAM.  Connectivity is covered with 4G (where available), Wifi and Bluetooth.

You can control it through the multi-gesture touch screen or a voice dictation system.  It's not quite the Siri we know and love from the iPhone but it gets the basics done.

The back camera has been updated to 5MP for good quality photographing/videoing and the VGA camera on the front allows for video-calls at whim.

Finally, all your input and output needs can be accessed via the proprietary docking port and a simple 3.5mm audio line out.

Speed, surf time, an experience.

Online iPad 3 reviews report brisk streaming from the 4G network, whether you only have local access to the 3G or updated 3G infrastructure.

Pleasingly, reviews also state that the accessories from your old iPad 2 will be compatible with the newer version.  As the proprietary port requires a host of adaptors, this will probably make you quite happy!

Reviews state that the app store is still wonderful and is a service that really makes for the core of the iPad's appeal.   Moreover, improvements in processing power are reported to make programs open quicker and more smoothly.

The battery and charging times have been a contentious issue, however.  Users report a good 6 hours' charging when recharging from the wall and 12 hours from a computer USB connection!  However, despite these times, once fully charged, the improved iPad has been known to last for 9-10 hours as a rule. 

The weight and thickness are slightly increased from the old version.  However, this is due to the screen improvements, better video recording quality and graphics improvements.  The increase is fairly small so you shouldn't find it too aggravating.

There are differing opinions on whether it gets too hot during use.  Some users say they haven't noticed a problem, others find it very noticeable – it likely depends on what you're using it for.

It's also worth reminding you that Apple products do not support Flash or .avi files.  Whilst this isn't the be-all and end-all, it might affect your browsing experience if you are new to Apple.

Great for newcomers, a strong personality.

The new iPad is an attractive, self-contained box of attractive tricks.  It is missing some of the things that a PC/laptop user will be used to but aside from this, it's got just what you need for a simple but feature-filled use.  Someone new to tablets will really enjoy this; the quality of display, speed and the over-all Apple 'experience' are striking.