Laptop ~ Tablet ~ Macbook?

Choosing A New Laptop

Technology moves fast and, at times, it can be hard to keep up to speed.  Bluezoome's guide to laptops, netbooks, tablets and MacBooks will help you get a better idea of what you want to buy when looking through the best laptop brands.

There are many reasons you will choose a certain computer;  workers and students need portability to edit documents on the go, others might best enjoy something simpler to keep in contact with friends and family members of all shades will love watching films, playing games and using apps.

Having the right computer or best laptop brand will enhance anyone's life and expand their possibilities for work, leisure, productivity and keeping in contact. Read on now and work out just the best laptop/tablet for you!


+ Portable.

+ Versatile.

+ Ease of access to internet and your documents anywhere.

- Not good for heavy-duty computer work.

- You need to be able to recharge it quite regularly.

- The laptop can become very hot to the touch.

What is a laptop?

A laptop is a lightweight portable computer with a screen and keyboard hinged together.  There are variants on this theme - from 'rugged' laptops to ultra-portable 'subnotebooks' – but generally, laptops are between 13 and 17 inches wide, weigh between 2-4 kg, allow you to store and edit documents and connect to the internet.

Who uses them?

Due to the range of size, weight and processing power, laptops work for lots of different people.  Generally, laptops are good for individuals who want a decent all-rounder that they can also move around; students, parents, children and grandparents can all appreciate a laptop.

What can't you do with a laptop?

Laptops are not suitable for people who want to run intensive programs.  Whilst there are 'gamer' laptops available, someone who really loves to play realistic-looking 3D games will do better to get a specially-designed PC.  Equally, if you need a computer for editing or simulations, another choice would be better.


+ Incredibly portable.

+ Good battery life.

+ Straight-forward.

- Less storage.

- Less processing power.

- Smaller keyboards that can make typing more difficult!

What is a netbook?

A netbook is a smaller laptop with a bit less power and storage but the same connectivity.  These computers are generally around 7” - 10” wide and are accordingly lighter; not what you want to buy if you are searching for a 17 inch laptop or even a 13 inch laptop!  You'll still find they have access to the Internet but the file storage on them will be much smaller.

Who uses them?

These computers are for people who need to work on the go.  Students and workers will both benefit from them as they allow you to be productive in more places.  They also are good for children who need something simple to play games, do homework and browse the internet.

What wouldn't you do with them?

As with normal laptops, these aren't any good for heavy-duty work or storing masses of files.  They have also been noted to be less capable at streaming video although this is likely to improve as

technology continues to develop.


+ Fun to use

+ Very portable

+ Good battery life

- Less storage space

- Restricts you from larger amounts of 'proper', more complicated work due to lack of keyboard/mouse.

- Virtual keyboards can be difficult to use.

What is a tablet?

Modern tablet computers are 'slate'-style computers without a separate keyboard or mouse and are  controlled by touch (and sometimes a stylus pen). They are also similar to the larger touchscreen mobile phones or PDAs but with more connectivity, app usage and versatility.

Who uses them?

Tablets are a more of a casual computing device.  You can do all the usual tasks on them but it is unlikely that you would do a vast amount of word-processing.  They are great for spending leisure time on; using apps, playing games and browsing the internet.

What wouldn't you do with them?

Tablets aren't appropriate for lots of word processing or media editing.  They can function as a book substitute and allow you to read out and about and of course, as with all portable computing devices, they are brilliant for keeping you to date with friends and family through emails, video calls and social networking.

Apple MacBook

+ Virtually no hassle with viruses and crashing

+ Beautiful, logical and simple design

+ Great customer support

- Restricts the games you can play

- Restricts support for widely-used website elements e.g. Flash

- Generally more expensive.

What is a Mac Book?

A MacBook is the Apple offering in the laptop category.  The Mac experience is different from Windows and will require you to use a different way of doing things.  However, as you will see further on, the MacBook brings other benefits and makes the change worthwhile.

Who uses them?

There are two main styles of MacBook user; Those who love the beautiful hardware and software design and those who need the particular capabilities that the Apple processing specifications allow.  Whether you are searching for a powerful 17 inch laptop or a simpler 13 inch laptop, there will be a variety of Macbook for you.

Many people use MacBooks because they are stylish and the operating system has an enjoyable flow and simplicity to it.  They are less likely to crash than Windows computers or have annoying viruses, updates and spam.  The Apple experience seems to produce many fans who are all firmly convinced that Apple is the best laptop brand.

MacBooks (and other Apple products) are also particularly appealing to media workers who need a reliable operating system that copes well with video, photography and music editing.  Their Grammy-Award winning FireWire transfer system can move massive files from device to device very quickly too.

What aren't they good for?

The main reason you might want to avoid Apple is if you want to do a lot of varied gaming as many games aren't always released to work with the Mac OSX. 


To conclude, each of these types of portable computer fit a different profile of person:

Laptops are great for people who have all-rounder computer needs; Netbooks are great for people on the go who want access out and about;Tablets are the leisure computer user's choice; MacBooks are great for people who work extensively in media or for those who just want something simple and unfussy.

If you want something that will fulfil the most needs for the most people in your family, you should buy either a Windows laptop or a Apple Macbook.  Both have the connectivity, portability and flexbility to please the most members of your family; from getting office work done at home, to gathering around to watch a film, to checking Facebook, to using apps or playing games.