Logitech Wireless Combo MK520 Review

Logitech Wireless Combo MK520

This black wireless keyboard and mouse set has 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, 128-bit encryption and a claimed wireless range of 7 metres and more.

Logitech Wireless Combo MK520

It’s a low-cost set but still keeps things slim and trim by weighing in at 839g and being just 4 cm deep.  It isn’t an illuminated keyboard but the keys themselves are embossed which, if you’re a touch-typist, will be welcome.

It also comes with eight hot keys, has batteries included and is designed to be spill-proof with drainage holes built into the back cover – perfect for when post-work drinks and post-work fatigue combine to create a problem!

The hot keys that allow you to access programs like Outlook or Calculator are also bound to be a useful feature for those who like to pop in and out of programs simply and quickly.

As with any wireless technology, there were a minority of reviews that stated users had connectivity problems with letters and keys not matching up or lags between hitting keys and the letters appearing on the screen.  However, based on the positive reviews and reading between the lines, it is likely (but not definite) most of these connectivity problems were due to power issues rather than the transmitter and receiver communicating badly. 

Many people found the set entirely usable with the Plug and Play facility meaning they could just plug it all in and use it straight away without messing around with driver installations.  Even Ubuntu users had no problem!

Whilst the keyboard is appropriately light and appealing, users also commented on how it was relatively spacious – a real relief to those of us with thick fingertips who find all this dinky modern technology a pain in the neck!  

The keys were also mentioned as having a ‘light’ and ‘shallow’ feel rather than being ‘clicky’ ones you need to thump.  Also, the mouse was noted to be a little smaller than usual so you may find it difficult to use if you habitually encounter this issue.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard, this might be right for you.  There weren’t many gaming reviews out there but one Team Fortress 2 player did mention that it was perfectly fit for use.  It’s not the set for you if you’re a hardcore gamer but for casual gaming, or for those setting  up a  budget rig, it’ll do the trick.

There’s no on/off switch that so many other keyboards include to save battery life which may affect your purchase decision.  However, few people complained of a low battery life with this set and one user even mentioned 6 months’ of use from their batteries!

Overall, this combined keyboard and mouse was a hit with users.  It’s cheap and cheerful with everyone raving about how good value it is and how sufficiently usable it was.  It sounds like a decent keyboard and mouse set for casual gaming, home theatre set-ups,  office work and casual computer use.  As it is rather low-budget, you may eventually want to upgrade and it probably isn’t much good for design professionals who spend a lot of time at their computers or hardcore gamers but, as online reviews go, this one sounds competent and well-received!