Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard and Mouse Review

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard and Mouse

This is a cheap and cheerful wireless keyboard and mouse set offering from Microsoft. Selling for around just £20, you’ll want to consider this if you’re in the early days of building a home theatre set-up, want to expand the usability of your laptop or just need to save cash.  User reviews are generally positive and it sounds like the Microsoft 800 set does what it says on the box!

As wireless mouse and keyboard sets go, this really isn’t too bad.  It uses USB 2.0 for sufficiently speedy connectivity, has a 2.4GHz wireless signal that gives around 15ft of usage range and the mouse movement resolution rings in at 1000 DPI.  Usefully, the mouse does have a scroll wheel and, even more usefully, the required 2 x AAA batteries and 2 x AA batteries are included.

The design has deviated from the norm a little so that underside of the keyboard is white, making it stand out a little from your habitual bog-standard designs.  It’s not an illuminated keyboard (likely designed so to extend your battery life) but the keys are ergonomically designed to make typing an enjoyable experience.


It must be said that user reviews do reflect the price.  Whilst many, many people are very happy with this USB keyboard and mouse set, it is budget and therefore, you may find some things niggle at you when using.

The ergonomic design of the keys was used to reduce the size of keys that are little-used by your casual user.  This means Caps Lock, Esc and the function keys are smaller and have to be hit a bit more purposefully.  If you need a keyboard for professional reasons, like coding, this probably isn’t the right set for you.

As with many keyboards, you also don’t have a Caps Lock or Num Lock light indicator.  Whilst it’s simple to tell if you have these turned on because your typing comes out in capitals or numbers, quite a few people were aggravated by them not being present.  However, this is - again - likely designed to save you battery life so it’s a pay-off.

On the plus side, it will work simply with PCs or Macs and users have noted that it’s just brilliant for home cinema.  The lack of wires, smaller size and quiet keys really please the home cinema enthusiasts. 

Gamers were split over how good this was for gaming use.  It’s certainly not the best gaming keyboard out there but users did note that the mouse wasn’t too bad and it does give you the flexibility to lounge on the sofa whilst playing!  On the other hand, some found the mouse wasn’t good enough for their needs and the keys are a bit smaller than usual which may become annoying.

If you do like plenty of space on your keyboard and the heft of a decently-sized mouse in your hand, you might want to consider the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 for Business or the Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop 1000 which are both recommended by users for being more comfortable.


The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard and Mouse set is solidly budget.  Solidly budget in that you may have some mild irritations with and solidly budget in that it sounds cheap and cheerful and able to get the job done without too fuss.   Visit Amazon now to pick up one today!