Samsung N145 Plus 10.1 inch Netbook Review

Samsung N145 Plus 10.1 inch Netbook

Samsung N145 Plus 10.1 inch Netbook

For those who like the simple things in life, there's a range of straight-forward and basic laptops out there.   A light-weight variety that you may find appealing is the Samsung N145 Plus.  This black and red laptop is a great option for families and students who just want a easy, cheap laptop to do bits of writing on, go on Facebook, laugh at Youtube and check their email.

Sweet and simple

The Samsung N145 Plus is a simple machine but still has all the the bits and pieces you need for chilled-out browsing and straight-forward document editing.

The 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 processor comes with 320GB of storage space and Windows 7 Starter.  It weighs 2.7lbs, is just 3.4cm thick, has a 10.1” LED display with anti-glare and a reputed Li-Ion battery life of 9.7hrs with some reports even stating up to 13 hours.  When you're happy to use your laptop for simple things, you're rewarded with a great battery life!

On the off-chance that your battery does run out without you getting to the charger in time, the Hybrid Sleep function means that your data is stored on the hard drive as well as in your memory.  No more tears before bedtime with lost essays or emails!

Input and output connectivity is well represented with 3G Wifi, SD card reader, internal mic, 3xUSB ports, LAN, VGA and audio line in and out.  The track-pad works via multi-gesture and the webcam comes bundled with fun YouCam effects for customising your pictures.

Finally, you also get the Samsung Allshare system – a cloud-style wireless sharing device that allows all Samsung products in your home to stream or download the same files.  For instance, if you buy and download a film onto your computer, you'll be able to have your Samsung Allshare-enabled flatscreen TV stream it too!

Light and easy

First and foremost, the Samsung N145 Plus has one clear requirement.  You need to pay the extra £15 or so to upgrade your RAM to 2 GB.  So many customers were so miffed about slow processing times and they really contrasted with the other amount of customers who raved about how happy they were with the machine.  Reading between the lines, it did seem like RAM was the issue.

However, despite this, the great majority of users found this 15 inch laptop really light and easy to use.  It's straight-forward, works great for basic computer stuff and is nice and portable.

Casual and family-friendly

The Samsung N145 Plus is a nice little family laptop.  It's pretty cheap, robust enough for all family members to find use from it and features like the YouCam make it fun to play with.

Be sure to buy the extra memory to upgrade to 2GB –there really was a marked difference between user reports and it would be a shame for you to miss out on the pleasure of this device due to something so simple.

This is a laptop for a casual user who wants to be able to do the basics, whether out and about or in the house.  Just the ticket for the student leaving home, the kids still in the nest or the elder keeping up to date with their email!