Samsung RF711 17.3-inch Laptop Review

Samsung RF711 17.3-inch Laptop

The Samsung RF711 is a nice laptop and the specifications sound like a great choice for the modern family with plenty to get done.  There are cheaper 17 inch laptops out there but this one is robust and has the kind of features that should cope with all types of demands - from children's homework or game playing through to family film time.

Robust, future-facing.

This product has a chunky 17.3” HD LED-backlit screen with a Blu-Ray drive – perfect for gathering around to watch things.  It has a Intel® Core™ i7 dual-bay processor with 6GB of RAM to draw on and an NVIDIA GeForce GT540M (Optimus) graphics processor.  If needed, you can also overclock for up to 2.9GHz of processing power and use Intel's Hyperthreading process for up to 8 virtual processing cores– more than enough to get your bits and pieces done!

Connectivity is well-represented with a wireless modem, Ethernet, SD card reader slots, Bluetooth 3.0, VGA video output, HDMI video output, audio line in and out and 4 USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0). 

Finally, the Samsung RF711 weighs in at 2.9kg, has file storage space starting from 1TB (and can be modified up to a very generous 1.5TB), has 3W speaker output (two x 1.5W speakers) and a 1.3MP HD webcam.

Comfortable to use, quick to respond

Online Samsung RF711 reviews have been positive.  Users have found it to be quiet, cool and very useful.  The keyboard has been noted to be comfortable to use and the screen easy to view from many angles.

There were some grumbles about the screen's resolution not being good enough, but from the look of the specification, Samsung weren't aiming for the screen to be out-standing above all other features.

This laptop's specifications are functional and forward-focused – whilst it wouldn't be sufficient for someone who likes to play a huge amount of heavy-duty video games, what it does showcase is robust, versatile and decently up-to-date.  It should be noted that users did still say that it could handle medium-to-high levels of graphics processing and Samsung certainly market it partially as a gaming machine.

Finally, many online reviews said that it's 'sleep' and 'wake up' functions were really good.  With strong processing power, the Samsung RF711 has been found to be quick and responsive at starting up again after being closed temporarily.  Again, this sounds like it would be a good choice for a family with lots of people coming and going and using it at different times.

A versatile investment

Features like the 1TB of storage make this a realistic, forward-looking product.  As mentioned initially, it is a bit more expensive than the other laptops out there but this is the kind of purchase that a family could really invest in.  You aren't going to fill up 1TB too soon (unless you have an really avid gamer or video-editor in the family), the screen size makes it reasonable to gather round for films and with USB 3.0 ports, your transfer speeds won't become outdated soon either.

If you've the investment to make, the Samsung RF711's specifications should reward you in plenty!