Database Management

Bluezoome Database Management Services

So what is Database Management? And do I really need it?

Not all websites use a database, so if your site is based on static HTML pages then the answer would be a resounding no. However if you are running an ecommerce site or if your site allows users to login and create user profiles then the answer is most likely yes.

Those sites that do have a Content Management System or CMS for short, will certainly be running a database in the background.

This database holds all the data for your site, whether it be page data, user data or indeed any other information for your site, you are totally reliant on that database serving up the information to be displayed.

So what is Database Management? In its simplest term, it is ongoing monitoring and subsequent resolution of issues, hopefully before they cause your site to fall over. In addition, taking regular backups and ensuring that those backups are tested and will restore your website is a key to managing the risk of database failure.

Quite frequently we hear on the news about websites being hacked. If your site is attacked, the quickest way to get back up and running is with a full site backup.

We will check log records for issues and where possible recommend a course of action to resolve them. We will also oversee database backups to ensure you don’t end up having a site failure with no means to recover.

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