Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G

The Kindle Keyboard 3G is the ideal ereader solution for those on the go as it allows users to read books via a wireless 3G connection with no monthly bills. Ereaders are becoming more and more popular as book lovers turn to downloadable content, which can make for a confusing experience when thinking about making an ereader purchase.

With the Kindle Keyboard 3G, not only can book readers download books in as little as 60 seconds using Amazon’s Whispernet technology, Kindle’s anti-glare Electronic Ink technology also means that the ereader can be used outdoors in bright sunshine, without straining the eyes.

Wireless download times can vary according to 3G or EDGE/GPRS coverage, signal strength and file size, so it’s worth checking out the coverage in your area before buying. However, with the Kindle Keyboard 3G, there are no monthly Wi-Fi bills as Amazon pays for the connectivity. The ereader is ready to go straight out of the box as there is no set-up, meaning users can enjoy ebook shopping and downloads immediately.

Kindle Keyboard 3G users can even travel the globe and use the electronic book reader in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide, including: Australia; Hong Kong; USA; South Africa; Europe and many more. The ereader uses GSM technology, the world’s most popular standard, enabling book readers to stay in touch with home by having newspaper and magazine subscriptions delivered wherever they are.

The Kindle Keyboard 3G automatically detects nearby Wi-Fi networks on the move and once they are configured into the device, they connect whenever within range.

The ergonomically designed Kindle Keyboard 3G is great for those who read a lot as the ereader’s lightweight, soft-touch design never gets hot like a laptop and the page-turner buttons are conveniently placed on the side of the electronic book reader.

The new generation of Electronic Ink (E Ink) delivers crisp text unattainable on LCD screens, which makes reading on the Kindle Touch simple and comfortable. This is ideal for the book reader who wants to enjoy literature on the go, as it’s the best ereader for using outdoors.

Kindle Keyboard 3G specifications:

  • Display: 6” diagonal display, 600x800 pixel, size: 190mm x123mm x 8.5mm
  • Weight: 247 grams
  • System requirements: None, wireless feature allows for all downloads
  • Storage: 4GB internal (approx 3GB for user content)
  • Battery life: Varies depending on wireless usage, browsing and reading time – low coverage areas consume power more quickly
  • Charge time: Approximately 4.5 hours (via included adapter and USB cable)
  • Wi-Fi: public/private networks using 802.11b; 802.11b; 802.11n/support for WEP; WPA; WPA2/ no support for P2P and 802.1X authentication
  • 3G Connectivity: HSDPA 3G modem with fallback to EDGE/GPRS; Amazon Whispernet provides wireless coverage via Vodafone’s 3G high-speed data network
  • USB: USB 2.0 micro-B connector
  • Audio: 3.5mm stereo audio jack, rear mounted stereo speakers
  • Supported formats: Kindle AZW; TXT; PDF; MOBI; PRC; HTML; DOC; JPEG; GIF; PNG; BMP (through conversion)
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee, optional 3 year warranty & accident protection available for UK customers sold separately