Keyword Research

Keywords are the key to success

Keyword Research is one of those areas of SEO that many people misunderstand.

When we look at keywords and key phrases (sometimes called long tail keywords), we look at all the aspects from site and page relevance, business relevance and market share / competition.

Some SEO and digital marketing companies will claim that they can get you to the top of page 1 on Google. In actual fact this depends entirely on the niche in which your particular business resides. For example, if the keyword was to be iPhone 6 this would be a complete impossibility as the competition in this case is too great.

This is where Keyword Research comes in. 

We will review your content and provide a report that details all the keyword options you have, both short and long tail, this will include an assessment of their ranking potential. We will also provide a list of the sites you will be competing with.

We can reverse engineer your competitors sites to establish their link profile, this will give a clearer idea as to the work required to match, or if possible beat them in the search engine results page (Sometimes referred to as SERPs)

See our pricing page for details or contact us in the first instance to discuss your needs.