Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer Review

Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer

The Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer provides you with just about everything you could ask for in a food mixer, without the price tag that you would normally associate with products of this quality.

Stylish and sleek, this electric mixer won’t look out of place in any kitchen, whether it’s a traditional farm house in the country, or a contemporary flat in London. Its smooth, silver finish gives it that timeless look, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it when the time comes to redecorate your kitchen.

You only have to scan the food mixer reviews on the net to know right away that you’re buying a superior quality food and cake mixer that will last a long time, whilst giving great performance.

  • Powerful 550 watt motor: Thanks to the powerful motor you can now mix an even greater variety of different foods easier than ever before.
  • 3.9 litre bowl: The Bosch MUM46A1 has a 3.9 litre bowl, this means you can get plenty in at once, so you should spend far less time mixing and more time enjoying your creations.
  • Rubber suction feet: Now you don’t have to worry about leaving the kitchen should the doorbell go or the phone rings. Thanks to the rubber suction feet, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your food mixer will be right where you left it and not decorating the walls with its content on your return.
  • Integrated cable storage: If you are kitchen-proud and you like to leave it looking as tidy as possible, then you will be happy with this feature. The cable tidy ensures that you won’t have wires all over the place when you are not using your electric mixer.
  • Great selection of slicing discs, whisks and beaters. Included is a dough beater, which is ideal for those who enjoy making bread. There is also a whisk should you fancy making a smoothie or whipping-up cream and a reversible shredder for fine, medium or course.
  • Citrus press and liquidiser:  if you fancy making your own soup for the family or a fresh fruit drink, you have everything you need. You can take normal ingredients and blend them so that you have something to eat for the baby as well. You can even use it to make your own sauces. 
  • A big mixer in a small package: despite being large enough to mix for several people, the Bosch mixer has been made compact enough for you to leave on the side when you are not using it. Unlike old mixers that have to be put away due to taking up too much worktop space, this one can sit fine next to your microwave or kettle.
  • Recipe book: Fancy trying your arm at a new culinary delight? Well, the recipe book should get you well on your way and before you know it you will be rustling up Jamie Oliver style recipes in no time.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x mixer
  • 1 x liquidiser
  • 1 x dough hook
  • 1 x beater
  • 1 x continuous shredder
  • 1 x slicing disc
  • 1 x shredding disc
  • 1 x citrus press
  • 1 x accessory holder
  • 1 x recipe book

Tech specs:

  • Rubber suction feet
  • Multifunctional arm
  • 4 speed settings
  • Powerful 550 watt motor
  • Multi motion drive
  • Boxed weight 6Kg