Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Coffee Maker Review

Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Coffee and Beverage Maker

When it comes to hot drinks, the Bosch TAS6515GB Tassimo Coffee and Beverage Maker is much more than just a first rate filter coffee machine. Regardless of whether you are a coffee connoisseur, tea lover or hot chocolate fan, there’s sure to be a drink for you. Thanks to the T65, you won’t have any need for a kettle or coffee machine as all your favorite drinks can now be prepared from the same machine.

With over 40 varieties brought to you from an array of leading brands, including Costa Coffee, you will be able to try out different drinks to your heart’s content, all with this beautifully designed hot drinks maker that will look good in any kitchen.

And here is how it works. Thanks to Tassimo’s state of the art technology, the bar code reader automatically reads what drink you are making and then brews it to perfection, so that ever drink tastes exactly how it is supposed to and you enjoy the perfect cuppa every time.

The water tank is 1.8 litres and holds plenty of cups. It also has a steam purge so that the machine is kept clean, just like they keep them in your favorite coffee shops.

Simplicity is the key; all you have to do pop in the disc with the preferred drink, press the button and wait minutes for the coffee machine to do its job and create the perfect drink. You can even adjust the strength, so that your cuppa is tailored to your exact tastes. So whether you fancy a latte, cappuccino or a cup of tea, you can have it made just the way you like it.

What’s in the box:

  • Cup stand
  • Cup base
  • Water tank
  • Water tank lid
  • Tassimo by Bosch hot drinks machine
  • Cleaning disk (in the rear of the machine)
  • Instruction booklet
  • Instruction brief (in the rear of the machine)