Nespresso XN250140 U Coffee Machine Review

Nespresso XN250140 U Coffee Machine

Much more than just a filter coffee maker, the experts at Krups have left no stone unturned during the development of the Nespresso XN250140 U Coffee Machine. From great tasting coffee that takes seconds to make, to expert advice and the environment, you can be assured that you are coffee has been brought to you by those with a passion unsurpassed in the coffee world and a product that is much more than just a filter coffee machine.

Thanks to Nespresso’s patented extraction system your coffee machine can deliver up to 19 bar pressure, delivering the fullest flavour from each Grand Cru coffee bean, possibly making it the best coffee machine on the market.

Whilst your friends and colleagues stand in long queues waiting for an expensive coffee, you can have yours freshly made in under 25 seconds, allowing you much more time to sit and relax and enjoy your coffee, as you were meant to.

You will never grow tired of drinking coffee at any time of the day with the 16 different flavours that are available and thanks to the sealed aluminium capsules, you can feel safe that every aspect of the taste stays inside the capsules until the point when it reaches your cup.

Each purchase comes complete with membership of the Nespresso Club for connoisseurs, which has a variety of perks, including contact with experts ready and waiting to give you advice and understand their coffee.

Not only does the Krups Nespresso deliver a variety of great tastes, you know that thanks to being made from recyclable materials, and an automatic switch off button that triggers after 9 minutes to ensure that the machine isn’t left idly on when not being used, you know you are doing your bit for the environment as well.

So just sit back, read some of the great coffee machine reviews this product has been given and enjoy the warm creamy taste of Krups Nespresso.

Krups Nespresso tech specs:

  • Anti-drip
  • Heats in under 25 seconds
  • 19 bar pressure for optimum quality coffee extraction
  • Turns power off after 9 minutes
  • Adjustable water tank base and drip tray to fit available space
  • Boxed weight 3.6 Kg