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White Hat - what’s that?

Link building is a bit of a touchy subject as far as the search engines are concerned. Google stipulate that under no circumstance should you pay for links to a site, and if you are found to be doing so, then they will take action against you.

So why then do we offer to build links for you and charge a fee - as that equates to buying links!

Well we don’t pay for the links. What we do is to provide the means by which you will attract links naturally. This may be via information posted out to other sites, for example blog posts or articles, press releases and social media marketing.

White Hat link building refers to techniques which don’t break the search engines code of conduct in respect of attracting links. Gray Hat tends to be techniques that are on the fringe of bad practice. Black Hat link building is most certainly not a good idea as these techniques may win you some benefits in the short term but will more than likely harm your sites ranking in the long run.

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