Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Review

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB

The latest mobile phone offering from Apple is the fantastic iPhone 4S, which is faster, sleeker and features the much talked about Siri voice recognition software, for quicker access to contacts, messages and much more.

The iPhone doesn’t really need much introduction; it’s now been a bestseller in all of its incarnations for quite some time. However, how do you decide which iPhone to buy? Do you go with one of the earlier models and bag yourself a bargain or have a look around in order to (hopefully) procure a cheap iPhone 4S?

Whatever you decide, it’s certainly worth having a look at the 4S, it’s a great phone in terms of aesthetic quality and functionality. If you’ve never owned an iPhone before, then quite simply, you’re missing out. The iPhone 4S builds on all the previous models to ensure a mobile that’s responsive, feature-packed and quite frankly, great fun.

The iPhone 4S has all the features you would expect from a high-end smartphone and more. Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, 8MP camera, A5 dual-core processor, iCloud, to name but a few of the many top-notch specs that the iPhone 4S has. Of course, there are also a plethora of apps available from the App Store so that you can really make the handset your own, as well as hundreds of thousands of available accessories.

Appearance wise, the 4S looks like a tablet, being squarer in its design that its predecessor the 3GS. Surfing is easy with this phone and pages open super-fast even when compared to the previous iPhone, the iPhone 4. Siri has produced quite a few amusing sites online for the questions it gets wrong, but is a useful function nonetheless.

Like most smartphones, the iPhone 4S battery doesn’t last a great deal of time though so it’s advisable to turn off unnecessary functions such a Bluetooth and GPRS when they’re not in use. Another battery chomper tends to be apps that are left running in the background so it’s also a good idea to check and close these relatively frequently – do this and you will have many more battery hours to enjoy you sparkling new iPhone with.

The 4S is so function-packed that there wouldn’t be enough time in the day to list them all, so let us just say that if you purchase this phone, you won’t be disappointed, it’s a great handset for work and play. Email can easily be accessed, as can maps, reminders and calendars for those who like to connect their device to work and there are a huge amount of apps available for those who simply want to play.

iPhone 4S specifications:

  • Display: 3.5 widescreen, Multi-Touch, 960x640p resolution, fingerprint resistant coating
  • Camera: 8MP iSight camera, autofocus, face detection, LED flash, HD video (1080p)
  • Connectivity: 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G
  • Mail attachment support: .jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • Minimum system requirements: Apple ID, Internet access, iTunes sync on PC or Mac requires Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later; Windows Vista, XP Home and Pro with SP3 or later; iTunes 10.5 or later (free download:
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 8 hours talk time on 3G, 14 on 2G, standby up to 200 hours, Internet use up to 6 hours on 3G, 9 hours Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions: 115.2mmx58.6mmx9.3mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 140 grams