Which Mobile Phone is Best?

Choosing Your Mobile Phone

There’s an awful lot of choice when it comes to choosing a new smartphone and it’s difficult to decide which one is the best when you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. Of course, a lot of models will be discounted at once if you’re looking for a wide range of features, so before you begin decide which you want the most.

For example, you may enjoy taking photos wherever you go, so will be looking at the best camera phones, you may not be an Apple fan, so will be searching for the best Android phones, or perhaps you love a certain make, so might be concentrating on the best HTC phone.

Mobile phones today have an incredible number of features if you’re looking at top of the range phones. Cameras, incredibly fast processing power, email, the internet, social networking – all of these things are used more and more on handsets now and the smartphone revolution is only set to continue.

Choosing the best phone depends on your needs

Firstly, what do you want a phone for? Is it strictly going to be for personal use or will you be using it for business too? Most high-end phones now allow you to access email and have calendar and note functions, but traditionally Blackberry has always been seen as the business phone.

The  BlackBerry Torch 9810 for example not only gives you access to email but allows for personal and enterprise connectivity, as well as being Cisco certified. This is ideal for companies who buy their employee’s devices and businesses that run a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme.

However, Blackberry isn’t the only option available; the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II allows secure connections to Microsoft Exchange server so that you can quickly sync your business email, calendar, contacts and tasks to your handset with little fuss.

Apple’s iPhone 4S also has a range of functionality for use with business and everything can be synced with PC, Mac and iPad so that all your information is current wherever you are.

Apple or Android?

This is really down to personal preference more than anything else. Android’s mobile operating systems are now the most widely used in the world, but many argue that it’s inherently insecure due to Google’s app submission process. Unlike Apple, there is no rigorous process that developers have to go through in order to get an app in the Marketplace and this has led to malware infecting a small number of apps.

However, Android is open source, meaning that because more developers are working with it, better improvements are made all the time. If you want to use your smartphone for connecting to the workplace though, it’s as well to bear security in mind.

Of course, Apple iPhones have the best connectivity in terms of sharing all of your data across devices such as the Mac and iPad. This is very convenient as you can buy and share apps across devices, so once you have paid for an app on one device, you can use it on another without further charge.

Apple also have iCloud so that your data is automatically backed up to the cloud every time you do something new, such as take a picture or write an email, depending on how you have told it to save.

What are the best Android phones?

Again, a lot of this is down to personal preference; many people have never let go of Nokia and will always buy them, whilst others have fallen in love with HTC and want to stick with them. There’s little doubt that all manufacturers at the top of the range level have plenty to offer.

However, currently the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is considered to be the best Android phone on the market by many of the gadget sites. This is due to its processing power, large, clear screen and super-slim design, as well as the fact that it’s as light as a feather in your hand. Watching movies on this phone is incredible, the display is very sharp and colours display brilliantly.

For music, a great choice would be the HTC Sensation with Beats Audio, as this phone has developed specially optimised Beats headphones to give a superior experience in terms of quality of sound.

How about cameras?

Whilst it used to be the case that you had to be picky about camera phones, this is no longer the case when you’re shopping high-end. The best camera phones are the most expensive, there’s little doubt but they tend to vary little in quality, although the iPhone 4S is currently considered the best by many.

HTC’s tend to have lower megapixels than other models, but picture quality remains excellent despite this and the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is well thought of too – both the Samsung and iPhone have 8MP cameras. Blackberry camera phones also have 8MPs now and are equally as impressive as their competitors – Blackberry have evolved to become much more than business phones and are popular with teenagers, thanks to their free BBM service.

Watching movies, reading books and more

Most smartphones have the capability of a reader in the form of apps at least, but not all are very easy to read on. Again, the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is great for reading as it has such a large screen, the HTC Sensation is similarly good, but the iPhone and Blackberry are not so great.

The same goes for watching movies and streaming content, these are things that you need a good screen for in order to get the most out of the experience, so if this is something you envisage doing a lot of, then it’s as well to pay attention to screen size.

All phones now have easy to use social networking tools and if you don’t do a lot of this then it can be a little annoying. However, if you do it’s mostly just a case of one or two clicks in order to immediately share content such as photos and video with your friends.

All in all, there’s no easy answer to which mobile phone is best as it depends on the individual, but the phones listed in this article are considered to be excellent multifunctional devices that allow you to do everything,  from share a photo to work with emails and documents.