Pure Evoke 2S DAB Internet Radio Review

Pure Evoke 2S DAB Internet Radio

The Pure Evoke 2S is a clean-cut and modern internet radio.  It is exceedingly well reported in it's reviews and the specifications will please most people, from the most casual of users to those who expect the best from their technology.

Stuffed with all the trimmings

This digital radio has all the usuals; FM radio, DAB radio, many presets, a USB port for software updates, alarms, timers, a sleep function, telescopic aerial and a line-out for headphones or external speakers.  Should you choose to use the internal speakers, it comes with two 3” drive units, two 3/4” dome tweeters, 15 RMS per channel and a 30W output overall.  For the non-technical, this means the sound is good and bright when both high and low with enough power behind the sound so you can enjoy your music.

The Evoke 2S is reasonably portable despite being somewhat heavier than many radios at 2.7kg.  You can either power it with the AC adaptor or buy an additional ChargePAK which functions as a rechargeable battery for up to 19 hours listening.  Thoughtfully, Pure include a continental adaptor, making it great for holidays abroad!

The display is a clear OLED yellow-on-black job and it comes with textSCAN so you can slow down the rolling radio station information about the shows.  Much more exciting, however, is the ReVu option.  ReVu allows you to pause and rewind live radio – absolutely perfect for those moments when you need to pop to the shop or take that important phone-call!  Getting your stations back when turning it on is catered for too with 50 FM presets and 50 DAB presets.

Finally, the case is made with real maple veneer rather than some plasticised, cheap substitute – it looks very nice with the light speaker meshes.         

Great sound, flexible use

Pure Evoke 2S reviews have been favourable throughout.  This web radio doesn't reinvent the wheel, it just does what it does really well.  Users have reported the speakers as having great sound with good bass, even up to the top of the volume range.

Many have also noted it to be good value for money. It does cost a little more than some other radios and you may not find it as aesthetically beautiful as some of the other retro-styled radios but with the level and quality of components you receive, it's probably worthwhile.

The ReVu option seems particularly appealing to any user.  Pausing is always useful but you can rewind too should you have missed anything just before you paused!

Sadly, the USB port doesn't support playing stored music tracks from devices.  However, an iPod dock can be bought to supplement this part of radio functionality.

Real class and quality

The Pure Evoke 2S is, as mentioned before, a little pricey.  But, despite what you may have to spend, users have reported brilliant and reliable sound with an easy and clear interface and positive nods towards the ReVu function.  This web radio's specifications are a clear hit with virtually everyone who's bought it and you're likely to find this too.