ROBERTS ColourSTREAM DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio Review

ROBERTS ColourSTREAM DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio

Roberts are a radio-producing brand with eighty years' experience under their belt.  With this kind of history behind them, you know that exploring their move into the modern with the colourSTREAM digital radio will be a safe choice.  This Roberts radio has broad usability, making it a versatile option for wherever you use it in the home.  It's features certainly lend itself to use in the kitchen or the conservatory but wherever the hub of your home is, the colourSTREAM will appeal to all members of the family.

An impressive functionality

This product brings a real variety of music-listening options. DAB plus Internet radio means that you can choose from over 10,000 internet radio stations, FM brings the classics and WiFi functionality means that you can stream the music stored on your computer. 

It also come with access to Last.FM; a form of online radio station that learns to play the kind of music you like to listen to.  A free 1-month subscription to Last.FM's premium service will highlight the joys of the internet to the less tech-savvy in your family. 

Finally, it offers an iPod dock and USB port; the dock accesses your stored music and simultaneously charges your device whilst the port will play the MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC files on your USB stick.

The colourSTREAM is controlled by a colour touch-screen – heaven for lovers of modernity but not so much for those who find these things fiddly.  It also comes with the expected features; a remote control, 2 alarm settings, 3.5mm stereo in/out lines and a telescopic aerial.

The cabinet comes in a glossy Piano Black and is acoustically tuned to get the very best from the two 15W speakers.

Easy, sturdy, reliable

ColourSTREAM reviews have noted the real ease that comes with setting up.  The accompanying booklet is easy to understand and working the device itself is fine. The touch-screen interface is generally straight-forward with an excellent search facility;  However, individually scrolling through your tracks is not recommended as it can be a lengthy process!   The cabinet and speakers have been well-received all round with good sound quality noted, even when turned up to 'party volume' in a large room.

If you are looking for a portable web radio or one for the bedroom, this is less appropriate.  The radio  does not have a battery option and is likely to be too big for your bedside table.  However, as noted before, when placed somewhere that you spend a lot of time, you'll get a great deal of use from it.

A modern twist from a reliable maker

All round,  this internet radio has a lot going for it.  With such a variety of access possibilities - from the wealth of the internet to the specificity of your iPod or computer - everyone in the family will appreciate it.  Whether pottering in the kitchen or hosting a party, the acoustic possibilites make it usable in most situations.  With most major stockists selling this radio online, you'll have it sitting in your home in no time at all!