Roberts RD60 Revival DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio Review

Roberts RD60 Revival DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio

The Roberts Revival RD60 is a truly beautiful radio. It's gorgeous, it's sexy and it's retro.  With this bit of kit, Roberts have taken a classic design of theirs and brought it back to life for today's radio fetishist.  The RD60 is designed as Roberts' radios were in the 1950's – leather-bound, brass-hinged and easy to carry around – with the modern addition of DAB.

Chic and portable design

Roberts RD60 Revival DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio with Up to 120 Hours Battery Life - Piano Gloss Black

This web radio retains it's classic design with a modern focus on usability and flexibility.  It gives you the option of FM radio with RDS and DAB radio which gives you to access a wealth of digital stations.  A line-out jack means that you can control how you listen to your radio shows, whether through headphones or external speakers.  The line-in jack gives you the option of connecting your MP3 player or mobile phone.

The display is a simple and chic black-on-amber LCD set-up which should be easy for most to read.  The control dials are made of melamine – an old-fashioned form of plastic that will really get the nostalgia flowing!  As mentioned above, this radio is entirely portable with it's metal-hinged handle and weight of just 1.5kg.  Users can attach an AC adaptor for stationary listening or insert 4 'D' batteries for popping out into the garden or moving into the kitchen!

Finally, the Revival RD60 comes in a wide variety of colours.  You have the classics like burgundy, and racing green; modern jazzy colours like bright yellow and baby pink; and even themed versions, like the Union Jack-decorated or Cath Kidston floral options!

Easy-to-use, decent sound

Many consumers have produced Revival RD60 reviews and the consensus is generally the same -  This internet radio is sturdily built with good sound and a simplicity of use.  Several have noted how much they liked the ease of the hinged back that allows battery insertion without a screwdriver.  The speakers are well-reported too with suggestions that they work best for jazz, pop, acoustic and spoken word programs.  One user did note that there was no tone control on the RD60 but unless you're quite specific about your listening habits, you probably won't mind this.

One complaint that came up over and over was the shortish life of the leather covering.  Whilst this digital radio is relatively sturdy, the cosmetics are an issue.  Many talked of the leather peeling, even when treated gently.  However, these reviews were matched by just as many who were absolutely delighted by the Revival so it's up to you to make a judgement call – you may find a certain amount of wear rather charming and appropriate for an purposely old-fashioned design!

One for the glamour-lovers

This radio is for those who love style.  It is reported to work perfectly fine but those looking for a really efficient value for money are going to prefer another choice.   For the rest of us who can't resist having attractive, nostalgic and complementary things in their home, the Revival RD60 will be just what you're looking for.