Roberts SOUND 200 CD DAB Radio Review

Roberts SOUND 200 CD DAB Radio

Why not have a get together and invite your friends, so that you can show off your new state-of-the-art Roberts SOUND system. No longer will you have to shift between listening to the radio, switching your MP3 player on and turning on your CD player every time you want access to all your favourite tunes and radio shows with this cunning sound system.

Roberts SOUND 200 CD/DAB/FM/USB/SD Digital Stereo Sound System with Dock for iPhone/iPod

When you hear the name Roberts attached to any electrical product, you tend to think great quality, and this is no exception. Encased in an acoustically-tuned, piano-gloss wooden cabinet, this music system has an altogether stylish finish that wouldn’t look out of place in an antique or contemporary surrounding. The smart electric blue display looks sharp and finishes off the look nicely.

Another great aspect to the system is its size. At only 15 inches wide it’s condensed enough to slide under a coffee table or to go on a shelf when not being used. However, despite its all-round convenience and compatibility, the Roberts SOUND 200 doesn’t compromise on volume or sound quality.

Listening to music has never been so enjoyable, thanks to a range of features designed to make it the most pleasurable of experiences. The music system comes complete with a built-in CD player and a feature that allows you to record your radio or CD directly on to an SD card or USB. Any recorded music can then be transferred between other devices such as your laptop with the greatest of ease.

Thanks to its docking station that allows you to plug your iPhone or iPod straight in and playback MP3/WMA via CD, SD card or USB, you can immediately access any music effortlessly.

Music lovers who want very good quality won’t be disappointed with the crisp clear sound produced. Thanks to a six position equaliser and separate bass and treble, the sound quality is as good as you’ll find anywhere.  So whether your taste runs to the classical, or you enjoy a good mosh to metal, or you simply want to listen to your favorite radio show, the sound quality is first-rate.

The Roberts SOUND 200 CD comes complete with a multifunction remote control, allowing you to sit back and listen to the music of your choice without having to leave your armchair. There are 20 station pre-sets and an alarm clock that can be set to wake you up with your radio, iPod, USB, CD or a just a straightforward buzzer.

Roberts SOUND 200 features:

  • Docking station for iPhone/iPod
  • 20 station pre-sets
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • Snooze function
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • Multi-function remote control
  • MP3/WMA playback via CD/SD/USB
  • 6 position equaliser bass and treble
  • Electric blue display
  • DAB/FM RDS wavebands
  • Alarm - wake to iPod/CD/SD/USB/ radio or buzzer
  • Clock and multi-function alarm
  • Record from CD and radio to SD/USB

What’s in the box:

  • Roberts SOUND 200 CD/DAB/FM/USB/SD Digital Stereo Sound System
  • Remote control
  • Docking adaptors
  • Pig Tail Aerial
  • Spanner
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Instruction manual
  • Mains lead