Roberts Stream 83i Stereo DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio Review

Roberts Stream 83i Stereo DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio

It is highly likely that you've seen more attractive products than this Roberts radio.  However, we all know not to judge a book by it's cover and this radio is no exception.  It's been on the market for some time now and has been well received all-round, with one Stream 83i review even stating that it had 'no negatives'.

A radio-lover's radio

Roberts Stream 83i Stereo DAB/FM/WiFi Internet Radio with 3 Way Speaker System

The Stream 83i comes with all the functionality you would expect from a modern digital radio.  You have the standard FM option but with RDS that tells you further information on your stations. DAB access and WiFi are included too, allowing access to internet stations and the music on your computer.    There is also one month's free subscription to the online Last.FM radio service. 

Furthermore, there's an auxiliary input, 3.5mm stereo line in and USB port which connect all kinds of devices that either play or store music files.  Unusually, it has a specific connection to the BBC Listen Again function; just right for catching up on your favourite programs.

The speakers, display, user interface and power options also present a truly appealing array.  The Stream 83i is portable with energy efficiency measures that get the best from both the AC adaptor or 6 'D' batteries.    Your three-way speaker system of 3.8W internal tweeters and a 4.4W woofer is controlled via rotary dials and a simple blue-on-white display.  These might seem old-fashioned in today's world of touch-screens but ultimately, you will probably find yourself more accustomed to them.  They are certainly more usable for those with different mobilities.

Finally, you get an acoustically-tuned cabinet, remote control, 'Piano Black' gloss finish, 10 presets, telescopic aerial and two alarm settings - just as expected.

Usable and well-received

Online Stream83i reviews present a good opinion; the usability is definitely present.  If you love to have beautiful things in your life, you may find this radio problematic – it is clear that some design time has been sacrificed to boost it's features.

However, reviews note a nice, large clock display that is easy to read and appreciate.  If you are more technologically inclined, you will be happy to know that other reviewers have reported a better codec support than other similar internet radios.

The Last.FM service is likely to please too.  As mentioned above, this provides a personalised radio option.   It takes notice of the kind of music you like to listen to by a process called 'scrobbling'.  As you use the radio, the Last.FM service learns your tastes. It then provides a form of personalised radio station that plays only the music you are likely to enjoy. 

A great all-rounder

In summary, the Stream83i has just about everything you could want in a web radio and is widely available for you to buy right now.   It's features are flexible and generous with reviews noting it to be a sturdy piece of equipment.

The portability and options of access to music or programs make it a lovely choice for a radio-lover; whether you take it out to work in the garden or want to quietly catch up with your favourite radio programs before sleep.