Press Releases and Article Production

Bluezoome can provide press release and article writing services

What is the purpose of doing Press Releases or producing numerous Articles?


Well, for many in the SEO world, it’s all about getting those ‘valuable’ links. For me, I personally think this is a questionable approach.


The real reason for publishing any material, whether it be website content, articles, press releases or even Facebook posts, is to provide interesting material for the reader that will hopefully encourage them to seek out more from the author and in some cases link to the information.


Even better they begin to pass on that link to others.


Consider your favourite newspaper. Why do you buy it? Why do you take time out of your day to bother to read it?


Hopefully it’s because you find the content interests you. You may even follow the writings of certain journalists.


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But whatever the reason, you have taken that decision and paid money to do so.


Well that’s the same on the web. People will start to recognise that what you publish is worthy of reading and - hopefully they will pass it on.


Ok, so then the next thing is that you don’t have the time, or perhaps the skills to write engaging content.


Well that’s sorted. Because we will discuss with you the types of things to publish and then get the material written for you.


Then once you have checked the content we will get the piece posted to relevant web sites.


Do remember all content on the web of this type should be unique, so it’s not a case of pinching someone else's work, it’s got to be unique copy.


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For 1 Article or Press release.

Starting from £75

The above price includes Keyword research for improved relevance, and posting to website(s).