Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for your business website

Let's start this section with a link out to Wikipedia on SEO. The reason for this is straight forward, don’t just take our word for what we are about to detail below.

What is SEO and why do you need it.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short is the process of making changes to a website, or individual pages of a site, in order to improve the ranking of that site or page in the Organic listings of Search Engines.
If a business is to get noticed on the web it needs to be returned in the organic search results, or via paid advertising. Here we will deal with the Organic search.

What do we look at in order to help your website rank.

There are many aspects to consider in the SEO world, we will look at Content initially.
Search Engines - (yes there are others, not just Google), have one task. That is to return what they think are the best results for the search word or phrase, that you, the searcher, typed in.
They have sophisticated algorithms that scan the web categorising content from web pages. Some of the aspects they take note of are;

Website URL - does this match or correlate to the title and/or content/subject of the page.

Page Title - this should be the one and only H1 title on the page.

Content - this needs not only to be good quality content, but also should be unique, engaging and/or informative. Poor quality, non relevant or duplicate content will not get you noticed.

Images - make sure the images on your site have screen reader and title tags completed.

Is the content long enough? 2 or 3 lines will not do the job.
In all cases we will engage professional SEO Copywriters to complete any updates to web content.

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Keywords are the first point of contact with your potential customer. If you can optimise your web content to the search terms that your customers will use then you're halfway there.
Our Keyword research service will provide you with details of the potential traffic you could attract from any given keyword or phrase. Plus we will provide you with some alternatives that you may up to now, not have considered.
The competition for some popular keywords is so high that it is not feasible to optimise a page to gain ranking.

At this point you may need to consider some easier words or phrases that attract lower volumes of traffic. However, this way you will have an improved opportunity to rank more highly in the listings and as a result gaining extra visitors to your site.
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