On Site Optimisation

Bluezoome offer a comprehensive On Site Optimisation Service

On Site Optimisation takes an overall view of the site and assesses exactly how the search engines will scan it and find the information they need.

Here we check things like; Mobile and Tablet functionality, Page Structure, Images for size and load times. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools reports, 301 and 404 redirects. Plus much more.

We will provide you with a full detailed report of our findings and a quote to repair any of the issues we find.

No matter how much you spend on backlinks and other optimisation techniques, if the site is faulty for any reason, this will be ineffectual and as a result you will be wasting your budget.

Getting the basics of the site right is a must if you want to rank better in the SERPs.

Click the link to get more detailed information about our On Site Optimisation Service prices or contact us to discuss your needs..